Social Work Licensing Clinical Exam A Comprehensive Study Guide

Image of the book cover for 'Social Work Licensing Clinical Exam'
Author: Dawn Apgar, PhD, LSW, ACSW
Affiliation: Seton Hall University
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2021
ISBN 10: 0826185665
ISBN 13: 9780826185662
eISBN: 9780826185679
Edition: 3rd
Features improved ASWB exam prep strategies, expanded analysis of exam content, and proven test-taking tips! The third edition of the bestselling acclaimed exam guide for the ASWB Social Work Clinical Exam has been thoroughly updated to reflect current practice and core knowledge tested on the exam. Recognized for its unique test-taking tips and strategies, Dawn Apgar's complete review of the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) across the core social work content areas helps readers discover gaps in their knowledge so they can identify strengths and target weak areas. Included with every print purchase is a bonus 170-question practice test that mirrors the actual exam in length and structure, plus explains correct answers. KSAs are identified for each question so test-takers can easily locate relevant source material for further study. Dawn Apgar's guide for the Social Work Licensing Clinical Exam is the best test-taking package available, ensuring success by providing invaluable tips on how to parse the questions, overcome test anxiety, avoid common pitfalls, and assess your own learning style - all of which help to foster exam confidence. The new updated third edition not only reflects the 2018 test blueprint, but is significantly revised and reformatted to help test-takers pass the exam on the first try. Revised content includes content on racial/cultural groups, NASW Code of Ethics, including the ethical use of technology, and gender diversity. New to the Third Edition: *How to Use This Guide - brand new chapter focused on how the book's content structure links to the ASWB blueprint and how to use for more efficient study *Examination Overview - expanded discussion and analysis of exam content *Exam Preparation Strategies - new content focused on essential strategies for success, how to deal with test anxiety, and how to maximize content retention based on learning styles *Test Taking Tips - a favorite with test takers, this feature has been updated to be more even more helpful *New Content - revised content on race, ethnicity, and culture, and macro practice Key Features: *Authoritative - developed and written by a renowned social work educator who has helped thousands of test takers pass the exam through her workshops and books *Blueprints - provides a thorough content review of the ASWB exam core content areas, perfectly weighted to match licensing blueprints *Self-assessment - begins with a self-assessment to help identify areas of strength and weakness *Practice Test - includes a 170-question full practice test mirroring the actual exam with detailed explanations of correct answers *Complete Learning Package - purchase of print edition includes digital access to entire book contents plus fully interactive Q&A to help identify strengths and weaknesses *Digital access - Content available digitally via ExamPrepConnect for study on the go ExamPrepConnect Features: *All the high-quality content from the book *Personalized study plan based on exam date *Ability to study by topic area to identify strengths and weaknesses *Full 4-hour timed practice test that simulates the test-taking environment *Discussion board to connect with the social work exam-prep community *Games to make studying fun
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