Fundamentals Davis Essential Nursing Content + Practice Questions

Image of the book cover for 'Fundamentals'
Author: Patricia Nugent, RN, EdD, Barbara Vitale, RN, MA
Publisher: F.A. Davis Company
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN 10: 0803660693
ISBN 13: 9780803660694
eISBN: 9780803669574
Edition: 2nd
Up-to-date with the NCLEX-RN® 2016 Test Plan Content review Case studies NCLEX®-style questions Too much information? Too little time? Here’s everything you need to succeed in your fundamentals of nursing course and prepare for course exams and the NCLEX®. Succinct content review in outline format focus on must-know information, while case studies and NCLEX-style questions develop your ability to apply your knowledge in simulated clinical situations. Choose from over 1,000 questions in the text and on DavisPlus to enhance your skills. A 100-question final exam at the end of the book as well as two, unique 75-item comprehensive examinations online at provide the practice you need to feel confident about fundamentals. You’ll also find proven techniques and tips to help you study more effectively, learn how to approach different types of questions, and improve your critical-thinking skills. An access code inside new printed texts unlocks the questions online at DavisPlus, with answers and rationales for correct and incorrect responses. You can even design your own quizzes to test your knowledge and skills based on a specific content area, concept, or question type.
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