Roadmap to Residency 2017

Image of the book cover for 'Roadmap to Residency 2017'
Author: Association of American Medical Colleges
Publisher: Association of American Medical Colleges
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN 10: 0011336196
ISBN 13: 9780011336190
eISBN: 9780000901101
Edition: 1st
Roadmap to Residency is an important publication for anyone seeking a career in medicine. In a single report, future doctors can obtain a comprehensive overview of the process of preparing for and applying to residency. This useful guide walks you through the process, from understanding what a residency program is, to the application process, to preparing for residency. A handy infographic delivers an illustrated overview of the main steps to residency. In this manual, you'll find answers to questions such as: Is it true that landing a residency is getting tougher? What are the different specialties? How many and which residency programs should I apply to? When do I take the USMLE? How important are board scores for the residency application process? Can I switch specialties during residency? What's the interview process? How do I create my rank order list? What if I don't match? What are my loan options as a resident?
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