Imaging in Endocrine Disorders

Image of the book cover for 'Imaging in Endocrine Disorders'
Author: Michael Buchfelder, Federica Guaraldi
Publisher: Karger
Publication Date: 2016
ISBN 10: 3318027375
ISBN 13: 9783318027372
eISBN: 9783318027389
Edition: 1st
Revolutionary changes in medical imaging have enormously improved the ability to detect structural and functional organ alterations early. Imaging is becoming an essential tool - in association with hormonal assays - for the diagnosis and management of endocrine disorders. New contrast media and their application to ultrasounds, as well as the opportunity to merge images acquired by functional/metabolic and traditional techniques, allow characterization of key features of identified lesions. Some radiological techniques such as ultrasonography, CT, and MRI are now available in operating rooms, thus supporting a diagnostic and therapeutic approach to endocrine diseases. In this new book, distinguished experts have contributed concise and well-illustrated chapters to describe pathognomonic features of several benign and malignant diseases affecting endocrine glands. They review the main advantages and disadvantages of each diagnostic technique along with indications for selecting a method. As a special feature, online videos of dynamic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are available. Imaging in Endocrine Disorders is a must read and valuable reference for all professionals dealing with endocrine disorders, including internists and general practitioners who must manage the essential diagnostic workup.
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