Manual of Cancer Treatment Recovery

Image of the book cover for 'Manual of Cancer Treatment Recovery'
Author: Stewart Fleishman, MD
Publisher: Demos
Publication Date: 2012
ISBN 10: 1936287315
ISBN 13: 9781936287314
eISBN: 9781617050619
Edition: 1st
Manual of Cancer Treatment Recovery guides the practitioner to understanding the issues involved in the care of cancer survivors. Manual of Cancer Treatment recovery teaches the practitioner how to guide patients and families in setting up and using a recovery plan; how to coordinate with other clinicians involved in the patient's management; and how to develop a directed survivorship program in their practice. Divided into three sections the book covers what one needs to know about survivorship, how to implement effective survivorship care, and how to work with patients utilizing the LEARN System (Living, Education, Activity, Rest, Nutrition), Dr. Fleishman developed. An appendix includes worksheet templates for the provider to give the patient to help in organizing and understanding the recovery plan.
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