Learning Supportive Psychotherapy An Illustrated Guide

Image of the book cover for 'Learning Supportive Psychotherapy'
Author: Arnold Winston, M.D., Richard Rosenthal, M.D., M.A., Laura Roberts, M.D., M.A.
Publisher: American Psychiatric Association Publishing
Publication Date: 2020
ISBN 10: 1615372342
ISBN 13: 9781615372348
eISBN: 9781615372874
Edition: 2nd
Learning Supportive Psychotherapy: An Illustrated Guide provides a time-tested text accompanied by carefully scripted case vignette videos designed to help beginning therapists learn how to build a relationship and establish rapport with psychotherapy patients. The authors, whose experience conducting and teaching psychotherapy encompasses decades, provide clear guidelines for practicing supportive psychotherapy, including how to establish and maintain a positive therapeutic alliance, how to understand and formulate patients' problems, how to set realistic treatment goals, and how to effectively use supportive psychotherapy interventions. This new second edition has been thoroughly updated to offer clear and complete coverage of the concept and principles of supportive psychotherapy, with emphasis on the therapeutic alliance, which is the best predictor of patient outcome. The authors have also included a chapter of self-study questions to allow the reader to check comprehension and recall. Learning Supportive Psychotherapy: An Illustrated Guide provides beginning therapists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, and others with the practical instruction and real-world models they need to forge positive relationships with a broad range of patients and deliver effective psychiatric interventions.
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