Gun Violence and Mental Illness

Image of the book cover for 'Gun Violence and Mental Illness'
Author: Liza Gold, M.D., Robert Simon, M.D., Co-editor
Publisher: American Psychiatric Association Publishing
Publication Date: 2016
ISBN 10: 1585624985
ISBN 13: 9781585624980
eISBN: 9781615370634
Edition: 1st
Gun Violence and Mental Illness defuses the inflammatory social and political rhetoric that all too often surrounds the issue of gun violence in our society and presents evidence-based risk assessment strategies for mental health clinicians and trainees. With gun deaths nearly equaling motor vehicle deaths nationally-and exceeding them in many states-the link between firearm violence and mental illness has generated both sensational headlines and serious inquiry. This important, multidisciplinary volume addresses misconceptions about the relationship between mental illness and gun violence and draws on current research in mental health, public health, and public policy to explore novel interventions to decrease firearm morbidity and mortality. The authors address gun violence and mental illness as public health problems subject to a variety of interventions on individual and collective levels. Topics range from mass shootings in a variety of settings to the criminal background check system, involuntary commitment, access to mental health care, suicide, and the critically important structured violence risk assessment. To solve gun violence, we must understand it. Gun Violence and Mental Illness separates fact from fiction, presenting a balanced, rigorous, and timely examination of the intersection between gun violence and mental health.
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