Atlas of Lymph Node Pathology A Pattern Based Approach

Image of the book cover for 'Atlas of Lymph Node Pathology'
Author: Amy Duffield, MD, PHD, Joo Song, MD, Girish Venkataraman, MD
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Publication Date: 2021
ISBN 10: 1496375548
ISBN 13: 9781496375544
eISBN: 9781496375568
Edition: 1st
Closely mirroring the daily sign-out process, Atlas of Lymph Node Pathology: A Pattern Based Approach is a highly illustrated, efficient guide to accurate diagnosis. This practical reference uses a proven, pattern-based approach to clearly explain how to interpret challenging cases by highlighting red flags in the clinical chart and locating hidden clues in the slides. Useful as a daily “scope-side guide,” it features numerous clinical and educational features that help you find pertinent information, reach a correct diagnosis, and assemble a thorough and streamlined pathology report.
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