Fast Facts About PTSD A Guide for Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals

Image of the book cover for 'Fast Facts About PTSD'
Author: Lisa Adams, PhD, MSc, RN
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2018
ISBN 10: 0826170080
ISBN 13: 9780826170088
eISBN: 9780826170095
Edition: 1st
This is a concise, quick-access guide to the full continuum of care for all major health care professionals working with individuals suffering from PTSD. The most comprehensive book available about caring for this population, it encompasses the history of PTSD, its theoretical underpinnings, and complete instructions for conducting a full screening, assessment, and diagnosis for people with PTSD. Designed to facilitate speedy access to information, the guide consists of short paragraphs, bulleted information, and “Fast Facts in a Nutshell” boxes containing critical points. This book presents information about the scope of populations at risk for developing PTSD, from young victims of bullying to rape/sexual assault victims, and why they are at risk. It includes information for intervention with people of all ages and backgrounds, and includes abundant case scenarios depicting real-life situations. The book also provides important information about strategies for coping with PTSD and, when possible, prevention. Written for both students and practicing health care professionals, it includes everything RNs and APRNs need to be aware of when working with individuals or groups of people suffering from PTSD.
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