A Practical Ethics Worktext for Professional Counselors Applying Decision-Making Models to Case Examples

Image of the book cover for 'A Practical Ethics Worktext for Professional Counselors'
Author: Charles Jacob, PhD, Diana Wildermuth, PhD, NCC, LPC, Ariane Thomas, PsyD, JD
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2021
ISBN 10: 0826165338
ISBN 13: 9780826165336
eISBN: 9780826165343
Edition: 1st
This practical worktext addresses common ethical challenges faced by counseling professionals. Boasting 63 case examples that map with CACREP's accreditation standards, this must-have resource demonstrates step-by-step application of decision-making models to real-life counseling scenarios. Each chapter includes seven cases related to a section of the ACA's Code of Ethics examined carefully using a specific decision-making model. The case examples included are designed to be relatable and accessible while demonstrating the process of arriving at a solution that reflects the standards of professional counseling. Valuable features include "Questions for Discussion," "Straight From the Code," "Applying a Decision-Making Model," "The Likely Answer," and in-class discussion activities and exercises at the end of each chapter. KEY FEATURES: *Includes 63 real-life case examples demonstrating step-by-step application of decision-making models *Teaches counselors how to think and act quickly when facing ethical dilemmas *Maps with ACA Code of Ethics and CACREP accreditation standards *Includes group discussion questions *Includes role-playing activities *Helps professionals to reconcile personal and professional values
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