Multicultural Perspectives in Working With Families A Handbook for the Helping Professions

Image of the book cover for 'Multicultural Perspectives in Working With Families'
Author: Elaine Congress, DSW, LCSW, Manny González, PhD
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2021
ISBN 10: 082615414X
ISBN 13: 9780826154149
eISBN: 9780826154156
Edition: 4th
Features a new intersectional approach to assessment and treatment and interweaves the perspectives of psychologists Focusing on critical emerging issues in regard to multicultural families, the fourth edition of this popular book reflects fundamental issues surrounding assessment and treatment of families from diverse cultural backgrounds. The most effective treatment methods for working with culturally diverse families across the life cycle are covered in detail. Individual chapters focus on a variety of distinct ethnic groups including African American, Hispanic, Asian American, Native American, and Arab American, as well as the needs of LGBTQ multicultural families and the role of spirituality.
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