Operations Management in Healthcare Strategy and Practice

Image of the book cover for 'Operations Management in Healthcare'
Author: Corinne Karuppan, PhD, CPIM, Nancy Dunlap, MD, PhD, MBA, Michael Waldrum, MD, MSc, MBA
Affiliation: Missouri State University, Springfield, MO
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN 10: 0826147712
ISBN 13: 9780826147714
eISBN: 9780826147721
Edition: 2nd
This thoroughly revised and updated second edition of Operations Management in Healthcare: Strategy and Practice describes how healthcare organizations can cultivate a competitive lead by developing superior operations using a strategic perspective. In clearly demonstrating the "how-tos" of effectively managing a healthcare organization, this new edition also addresses the "why" of providing quality and value-based care. Comprehensive and practice-oriented, chapters illustrate how to excel in the four competitive priorities - quality, cost, delivery, and flexibility - in order to build a cumulative model of healthcare operations in which all concepts and tools fit together. This textbook encourages a hands-on approach and integrates mind maps to connect concepts, icons for quick reference, dashboards for measurement and tracking of progress, and newly updated end-of-chapter problems and assignments to reinforce creative and critical thinking. Written with the diverse learning needs in mind for programs in health administration, public health, business administration, public administration, and nursing, the textbook equips students with essential high-level problem-solving and process improvement skills. The book reveals concepts and tools through a series of short vignettes of a fictitious healthcare organization as it embarks on its journey to becoming a highly reliable organization. This second edition also includes a strong emphasis on the patient's perspective as well as expanded and added coverage of Lean Six Sigma, value-based payment models, vertical integration, mergers and acquisitions, artificial intelligence, population health, and more to reflect evolving innovations in the healthcare environment across the United States. Complete with a full and updated suite of Instructor Resources, including Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoints, and test bank in addition to data sets, tutorial videos, and Excel templates for students. Key Features: *Demonstrates the "how-tos" of effectively managing a healthcare organization *Sharpens problem-solving and process improvement skills through use of an extensive toolkit developed throughout the text *Prepares students for Lean Six Sigma certification with expanded coverage of concepts, tools, and analytics *Highlights new trends in healthcare management with coverage of value-based payments, mergers and acquisitions, population health, telehealth, and more *Intertwines concepts with vivid vignettes to describe human dynamics, organizational challenges, and applications of tools *Employs boxed features and YouTube videos to address frequently asked questions and real-world instances of operations in practice *Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers, as well as full suite of instructor and student resources
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