Ethics in Nursing Cases, Principles, And Reasoning

Image of the book cover for 'Ethics in Nursing'
Author: Martin Benjamin, Joy Curtis
Affiliation: Michigan State University
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN 10: 0195380223
ISBN 13: 9780195380224
eISBN: 9780199701636
Edition: 4th
Starting with detailed cases based on real life, the fourth edition of Ethics in Nursing introduces the principles, concepts, and reasoning needed to think them through. Changes in this edition reflect important developments in nursing, ethical theory, and nursing ethics. Among the expanded set of 64 cases, 22 have been significantly revised and 15 are entirely new. Reasoning skills and philosophical understanding are explained and illustrated in cases involving: nurses and clients; inter-professional relationships; personal responsibility for institutional and public policy; and cost containment, justice, and rationing. New material on ethical theory includes an illustrated explanation and defense of moral pluralism, a section on the ethics of care, and an expanded discussion of reflective equilibrium as a method of ethical reasoning. New topics include pandemics and care for SARS patients, elderly patients contemplating suicide, and workplace violence.
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